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Release arrangements for immigration detainees are medically unsafe
An editorial in the prestigious British Medical Journal about this worrying aspect of detainees’ care
‘Providers must ensure continuity of care for this vulnerable group’

Seriously ill people released from immigration detention without crucial medication, senior doctors warn
Independent article expanding on the above editorial.
‘Current discharge requirements in removal centres ‘clearly unsafe’ and can place detainees at serious risk of relapse or deterioration following release, say medical professionals’

Helen Bamber Foundation
Trauma Informed Practice with Survivors of Human Trafficking
Identifying, referring and supporting victims of modern slavery in the UK through the National Referral Mechanism

Forrest MLS
Notes on the assessment of the ages of wounds and scars [here]
Documenting Photographic Evidence of Torture and Ill-treatment [here]

Freedom From Torture (previously Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture)
Demanding the impossible: Home Office mistreatment of expert medical evidence of torture

Rape as a method of torture

Medical Justice
A Secret Punishment: The misuse of segregation in immigration detention
Outsourcing Abuse: The Use of State-sponsored Force during Detention and Deportation

Practical notes from a doctor for hunger strikers
Best practice in the clinical management of survivors of torture and human rights abuses in the detention estate

Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law (CSEL)
Impact of sexual violence on disclosure during Home Office interviews
Non-clinicians’ judgements about asylum seekers’ mental health: how do legal representatives of asylum seekers decide when to request medico-legal reports?