Clients without healthcare in the hostile environment

A large proportion of the people referred to us at Forrest have serious unmet medical needs, but do not currently have a GP or access to secondary care.

Many believe WRONGLY that they are not entitled to either.

As their legal representative, you are in a good position to direct them toward accessing healthcare which they require and should receive without charge on the NHS.

Doing this is not only humane, but can be of practical utility to their legal case.

A GP who recognises your client’s PTSD and refers their patient for counselling or prescribes appropriate medication is simultaneously validating the evidence of a causative trauma and helping them sleep and function better despite it.  A GP will also keep detailed records over time which may be corroborative of other medical evidence.

It is therefore doubly important that you are aware of and inform your clients of their health rights and help them to exercise them.

Doctors of the World UK/Project London have produced very helpful simple advice which you can give to clients. See

Adapted from that web page.

How can I register with a GP?

You can find a GP close to where you are living on the NHS choices website.

When you go to register with the GP they may ask you for proof of address or proof of identity.

This is not a necessary requirement, as stated in the NHS’s own guidelines. If you don’t have these documents explain this to the receptionist and the GP practice should still register you.

The practice may ask you to provide a contact address. If you do not have a fixed address you can use the address of a friend or your lawyer, a day centre, or the practice’s address if needed.

The GP practice can only refuse to register you if their list is closed or if you live outside of their area.

If you are having problems registering with a GP you can call our advice line.

Doctors of the World UK/Project London also address the following FAQs

Doctors of the World UK/Project London also offer telephone and face to face advice about accessing and using the NHS at their clinic in East London:


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