We need enough information to allow us to decide whether we can help in your case, and if so, how, where, and when.
Please note:

  • Our office is open 9-5, Monday to Friday.
  • Once we have your completed enquiry form with sufficient detail to allow us to make a decision, we will get back to you either:
    – with an estimate and explaining our terms and conditions, or
    – confirming that we are unable to assist on the basis requested.
  • We allocate cases to our doctors by speciality, location, availability and (if the client requires) gender.
  • We undertake to supply reports within 40 working days from the examination, if given clear instructions and the necessary papers.
  • Messages are stored offsite on a secure server.
  • Forrest will not share any of this information with external bodies. Please refer to our privacy notice to see how we use your data.
  • If you have a court date and/or a reference number, please include this (to allow more efficient processing of your enquiry).