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STOP PRESS >> Covid-19 mortality risk calculator (v10.1)<<
Based on the OpenDATA study and the ALAMA groups model, this gives an indication of an individual’s relative and absolute risk of dying from Covid-19, based on known risk factors. This will be updated as further data become available. It is intended for use by health care professionals and is uploaded here for information only; more information about it in the ‘Notes’ page of the spreadsheet.
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[NB 1 If you get an error message [File is corrupt and cannot open], just click on the link above again.
NB 2 All of the 66 Covid-19 risk or prognostic prediction models prior to OpenSAFELY are ‘at high risk of bias, and their reported performance is probably optimistic’ see BMJ ref]

+ Remote Interviewing (pdf)
Considering the safety, health and well-being of witnesses, victims and interviewers. [Source: the-investigator.co.uk/]

Forrest coronavirus status statement 

+ Coronavirus  [<- latest NHS guidance]

+ Translations of NHS Covid-19 guidance
Currently 49 languages available, via Doctors of the World.  Document updated regularly. [more here]

+ Expert report on Covid-19 in prisons
Prof Richard Coker’s expert opinion on COVID-19 and prisons in England and Wales, commissioned by the Howard League for Penal Reform and the Prison Reform Trust. His expert report on Covid-19 and Immigration Detention is available via Detention Action as a pdf here.

+ Release arrangements for immigration detainees are medically unsafe
Current discharge requirements in removal centres ‘clearly unsafe’ and can place detainees at serious risk   [click the link for more details]

+ How to register with a GP  for asylum seekers & refugees
‘There is no regulatory requirement to prove identity, address, immigration status or NHS number to register, & no contractual requirement for GPs to request this.  All asylum seekers & refugees, homeless, & overseas visitors, whether lawfully in the UK or not, are eligible to register…’    [click the link for more details]

Forrest Medico-Legal Services is a registered, not for profit, community interest company.  We are a co-operative of experienced doctors specialising in timely, evidence-based medico-legal reports in cases of alleged human rights abuses.

We take pains to comply with international and UK standards for medico-legal documentation, operating on a paperless basis and at considerable speed.  This has major advantages for instructing solicitors, for their clients and for us.  Take a look at how we work.

We are also sometimes available to visit immigration detention centres and prisons, to give oral evidence in court and, in appropriate cases, to provide preliminary opinions on photographs and documentary evidence of torture.  If you are looking to commission our services please explore how to make best use of us.                                                                                 If you would like to request a medico-legal report, please visit our contact page.


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